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Tombow MONO graph fine 0.5mm high-class Mechanical Pencil - Black

Tombow MONO graph fine 0.5mm high-class Mechanical Pencil - Black

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The Tombow Monograph Fine DPA-112 0.5mm mechanical pencil is a high-quality writing instrument that is part of the MONO Graph series. The pencil features an ultra-slim stepped taper nib that ensures a wide field of view and a low center of gravity design that allows for stable writing. The metal grip is coated with a soft feel coating that provides a high-quality grip and eliminates stickiness due to aging. The pencil also features an eraser unit lock mechanism that prevents both the eraser from retracting and accidental knocks, ensuring stable erasing. The MONO eraser is retractable and makes it easy to adjust the length and has excellent eraser function. The 3.6mm ultra-fine eraser makes it easy to erase targeted areas. This Fine Write System pencil has an integrated base and grip construction that eliminates rattling and shaking.

Product Information
Brand: Tombow
Model Number: DPA-112
Colour: Black
Category: Mechanical Pencils
Manufacturer: Tombow Pencil Co.,Ltd.
Part Number: DPA-112B
Origin: Made in Japan
Condition: New

0.5mm Refill Leads
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