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Kutsuwa STAD 10cm Arithmetic Triangle Rulers

Kutsuwa STAD 10cm Arithmetic Triangle Rulers

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Product Information
Brand: Kutsuwa
Model Number: HA12A
Colour: N/A
Category: Rulers
Part Number: HA12A
Condition: New

This package includes one piece of Isosceles right Angle Triangle Ruler AND one piece of Right Angle Triangle Ruler.

Frequently Asked Questions
Color-Coded Angles
Ans: The ruler has color-coded edges to make it easier to understand the angles.

Readable Numbers
Ans: It uses easily readable numbers commonly found in textbooks.

Convenient Graduations for Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Ans: The ruler has markings that are useful for learning about parallel and perpendicular lines.

Grid Markings for Parallel and Perpendicular Readings
Ans: It includes grid markings that aid in reading parallel and perpendicular lines.

Durable and Transparent
Ans: Made from high-quality transparent methyl methacrylate resin (often referred to as acrylic).

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